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Fun Party Bus Games to Play on Hot ATL Party Buses

Party Bus Games to Play on the Road

There are lots of great party bus games you can play while traveling to your favorite winery, casino, or simply going to a bar crawl in Atlanta.  One in particular is “Karaoke Throw Down.” What better way to tune your vocals up with our open bar and a mic in your hand?  This version of Karaoke is a bit different than any other party bus games that you will witness.  Plus after having a few drinks, the game becomes much more challenging trying to com up with the song titles and lyrics.

Karaoke Throw Down

Party Bus Karaoke

Party Bus Karaoke

Divide the bus into teams of four to 10 people. Designate a leader and have them choose a word that you hear often in a song title or lyrics. If you want to bring some suggestions for the trip, that might make the game move along.  An example would be a word like “breathe”, “love”, or  “sunshine”.

Tell the group the word you chose and give each team a few minutes to think of a song list of lyrics using that word. Announce the selected word and give teams a few minutes to come up with a list of song lyrics using that word.

To play:  Team 1 will sing a verse of a selected song using the chosen word.  For example, if the word is “breathe,” the team could sing:  “Breathe, Breathe on me. Be like you used to be Breathe on me.”

“Breathe out, breathe in American oxygen. Every breath I breathe Chasin’ this American Dream. We sweat for a nickel and a dime”…then announce that it is sung by “Rhianna.”

Each team will have a shot to come up with a song based on the selected word.

Only one song per team. Once it has been used, that particular song is no longer usable for any other word. If a team can’t come up with a song, that team is eliminated, until one team is left standing and declared the winner of that round. The winning team selects the word for the next round of play. Free drink at the first stop for the winners.

Party Bus Games for the Kids

Kids Birthday Party Bus - Hot ATL Party BusParty Bus Bingo.  Surely everyone knows how to play bingo. You can hit a party supply store before getting on the bus and get punch cards. You can bring some fun gag gifts for the winning prizes.

Let’s Play Telephone on the Party Bus!  Great game for the kids.  Start with the person in the front and have them pass a message to the person next to them quietly in the ear.  Then that person passes it on to the person sitting next to them, and so on , and so on. When it get’s to the last person, have that person say out loud what the phrase was and see how jumbled up it gets by then! Should be hysterical!

Party Bus License plate games.  How many times have you been on the road and played this game? Split the party bus in half and designate one person from each side who checks off the state once someone from their side sees a car with a license plate pass by. Bonus goes to those that see a Canadian plate!   Another version of this game is to have teams write down personalized plates and see who has the most unusual one…that’s the winner!