Sorority Party Bus Limos

When your sorority or fraternity decide it’s time to do something a little wild, then that must mean they have booked a Hot ATL Party Bus! Between all the school work and professors breathing down your neck, you have a feeling to do something fun and different for a change. All your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers are tired of the same type of house parties, and we have the answer to your party whoas with one of our sorority party bus limos from Hot ATL Party Bus. Did we forget to mention that you can bring alcohol on the bus? Yes, that’s right and do I hear a game of Beer Pong going on?

There are so many places in Atlanta that you can go with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers. And if your not 100% sure where the spots are, you can browse our Atlanta Events section here on our site. We have a large fleet of sorority party bus limos to choose from and can carry up to 40 passengers at one time. We have lots of party bus game ideas you can check out here on our site as well. Remember also, that if one of your frat brothers or sorority sisters is turning 21, you’ve got a special occasions like prom or homecoming, we have the best party bus rentals in Atlanta. Get cracking on the fun and give us a call at (404) 543-2052.